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Announcement by Derek Curtis - 3/16/2023 at 11:54 AM
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Announcing the Release Candidate of the next SmarterMail!

Feel free to check out the SmarterMail BETA thread to review all of the BETA releases we've distributed since December. We also have three blog posts that detail the benefits the next SmarterMail offers to system administrators, domain administrators, and end users.

As this is a release candidate, it IS possible to use in a production environment. However, there have been so many changes and new features added to this version of SmarterMail that it is not possible to downgrade once it's installed. As a result, we strongly recommend you keep that in mind if you choose to install it for production. As always, it's very important that you take a full backup of SmarterMail before you upgrade.

Release Candidates that are installed in a production environment, using an existing license covered under Maintenance and Support will receive free upgrades and free technical support, just like any existing license. (Of course, you can still participate in the BETA community and report bugs, ask questions, etc.) 

We are very near the final, public release of the next SmarterMail. Thanks to everyone who helped us during the BETA. Our combined effort will make this release of SmarterMail the best, and biggest, ever. 

Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Derek Curtis Replied
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Release Candidate Build 8475 was released on March 16, 2023

Known Issues:
We are aware of an issue with Mac Contacts having an issue syncing folders and the contents of folders using WebDAV.

Release Notes:
  • It's now possible to create subfolders when a folder is shared with Owner permissions (EWS) 
  • Fixed an issue preventing the chat window from showing older messages
  • Changed the 'Prevent previous password reuse' setting to allow administrators to enter a threshold for the number of previous passwords to remember
  • EWS Retrieval and EWS logs both display correctly when their names are typed in the search bar
  • Fixed a spacing issue in the description in a Teams meeting invitation
  • Added support for images in Send Email - Block for Send Notifications
  • Deleting a folder in webmail now properly reflects in Outlook (MAPI)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an exception when creating an email subfolder
  • Fixed a spacing issue on Informational messages in message header (webmail)
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to Outlook (MAPI) led to the root file storage folder being renamed
  • Webmail now hides the "follow up" text on emails that are flagged with no dates
  • Description area in meeting invites expands to show the full description properly
  • UI changes to Mailbox size usage
  • Removed redundancies for "Enable TLS is supported by the remote server"
  • Added Show/Hide buttons for sending mass messages, emails or notifications 
  • Aliases configured with no Display Name now use the user's Display Name when configured to allow Send From
  • Subfolders can now be created in EAS when an email folder/account is shared with Full Control / Owner permissions
  • Flagging/Unflagging multiple emails now works consistently
  • Resolved issues with the chat window when image files are password protected
  • Online Meeting files are no longer listed as private when they are accessible to other users
  • Improved notification when users open a chat window and click on the URL of a file that is no longer available
  • Manually running Content Filter no longer forces user to wait for completion
  • "Always show images from this sender" now works consistently
  • Proposed times are now displayed to the organizer in the event view
  • Folder permissions fixed in EWS
  • Meeting organizer can now accept or decline new time proposals from the received “Counter” message
  • Calendar appointment reminder time options now reference "0 minutes"
  • Categories containing brackets are handled gracefully during upgrade
  • New contacts created in Outlook (MAPI) no longer show as flagged for follow up in Mac Outlook (EWS)
  • Moving contact from one domain-level Contact list (public folder) to another results no longer errors in Outlook (MAPI)
  • Domain-shared calendars can now be synced to Outlook (MAPI)
  • The CalDAV/CardDAV link generated in webmail was updated with new webdav routing
  • Recently flagging or setting categories on a message, then quickly moving it, no longer loses those changes
  • Emails sent from the system administrator via Domains grid > Send Email no longer show from Unknown User
  • Improved support for calendar auto-scheduling (WebDAV)
  • Moved the chat control buttons next to the text entry field for XMPP chat and Online Meeting chat
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Derek Curtis Replied
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Release Candidate Build 8482 is now available!


Release Notes:
  • Added support for images in Mailing List > Messages
  • Better handling of null reference errors when attempting to fetch a message when it no longer exists in folder (EAS)
  • Resolved various issues found while testing Dev Tools Profiler
  • Changed the setting for "Forward all email to another address" to "Allow automated forwarding"
  • Upgrading a user account no longer changes timing/recurrence rules on existing appointments
  • Online meetings included in an appointment created by eM Client are now being correctly detected
  • Modifying the progress or status of a task no longer changes the start/end times as well (EWS)
  • When moving an item to the folder it is already in now returns a success message (EWS)
  • A message with a category and flag properly applies both to the new message in Sent Items (EWS)
  • Fixed an issue where users with Display Names containing certain characters fail to authenticate with webmail on some non-English OSes
  • The New menu no longer shows when Online Meetings are disabled for the domain
  • Fixed an issue where blacklisting a single IP in IDS Blocks loses the country information
  • Fixed an issue where Folder action menu didn't have an option to create or delete folders on a owner share
  • Fixed an issue where permissions weren't being set correctly in Outlook (MAPI)
  • Fixed an issue where proposing a new time for a meeting in Outlook (MAPI) duplicates the event in the proposer's calendar
  • Webdav now fully supports Categories
  • Contacts now work properly in the Contacts app on Mac
  • Fixed an issue where attached files were being lost in moves
  • Added an email action for "Invite All to Appointment" which allows a user to quickly invite all To and CC address to an appointment
  • Fixed an issue where an updated Alias display name wasn't updating when adding the alias to the To: field
  • X-Message-Flag header is now ignored for inbound messages in SMTP when they're not from authenticated sender
  • Fixed an issue where assigning a category to a message and then moving it causes the category to be lost
  • Fixed an issue where moving a message and then changing the read state caused an error in eM Client (EWS)
  • Fixed an issue where using full paths for embedded images was causing cross-origin issues
  • Fixed an issue where creating multiple shares in sequence is Outlook (MAPI) wasn't linking all of the folders to the person/group being granted permissions
  • Webmail no longer displays BIMI images for spoofed domains
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a domain, and then immediately recreating it, populated the gal.json with all of the old user entries
  • Displaying categories is now more consistent (webmail)
  • Newly created users no longer see untranslated folder names in File Storage when uploading images to XMPP chat
  • In Content Filter > Forward message, validation text now displays properly for bad email address entries
  • Fixed an issue where sequence is being updated for non-significant changes (EWS)
  • Translation update for Simplified Chinese
  • [Beta] Add Indonesian translation
  • [Beta] Add Greek Translation
  • [Beta] Translation Update For German
  • [Beta] Add Finnish Translation
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278