A Few Notes on SmarterMail BETA
Idea shared by Ron Raley - 3/15/2023 at 11:23 AM
Under Consideration
- On Domain Page (Options Accounts General, etc), allow the user to highlight the domain on the top.

- Require SMTP Authentication should be default selected

- Blue underline in Webmail is worldwide indication of a hyperlink, not a menu item.

- Please create a public landing page all with protocol statuses where admins can run a downtime detector.

- SmarterMail Admin > Reports > Dashboard - Allow pop-out so that we can run it on a TV

- SmarterMail Admin > Reports > Rotate through Dashboard, Protocol, Server Health, Security, Antispam.

- SmarterMail Admin > Reports > Antispam - Greylisted Connections should be grey.

- If disconnected from Web Socket, indicate to user.

- Green Shied indicating safe sender, nobody knows what SPF, DMARC, etc means.  Add "Learn More"

- Add Two-Step verification via SMS.  People hate or don't know what authenticator apps are.

- In Desktop Mode, run ALL functions across the top.  Stop at Settings.  There is space and more space.

- Subscribe to Calendar needs more clarity.  iCal format / iCal feed / etc.

- Category colors max out at 3 near the message title.  There is enough room to add 10.

- No News Feed creation button in Webmail?  A bit confusing.

- All functions have "Cancel" but email message in popup has nothing.

- When blocking sender, no green popup.  Unable to find block senders list.  Where?

- What does "Follow Up.." mean?  Maybe "Response Pending.."

- Make a compact view that removes the message size 1KB and move the flag up to the subject line.

- Light View text is very light on read messages. Maybe 888888.  Try 666666.

- Message Window in Desktop Mode, expand ... to buttons Move, Add Task, Print.  Plenty of room.

- Make all hour glass icons, filter icons, and hamburger icons a color vs monochrome.

- Read and Unread emails feel very close in style.  Difficult to differentiate.

- Make orange button change at top.  New Email, New Appointment, depending on page you are on.

- Change Subscribe to Calendar to Subscribe to External Calendar.

- File Storage indicate to user max capacity / percentage / largest file to upload.  Banned extensions.

- Make all buttons slightly darker in light mode and slightly lighter in dark mode.

- There is no obvious notification of a chat received when using the email web interface.

- Make all rows default to 100 vs 25.

- Spool functions automatically update screen without pressing refresh.

- Add IP addresses to Server Blacklist Checker.

- When I save/submit a contact, appointment, etc. the screen should change to contacts, appointments, etc.

Thank you for allowing us to review SmarterMail.  Have a good day.


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Zach Sylvester Replied
Employee Post
Hey Ron, 

Thank you for the detailed analysis. Some things that you mentioned are going to be fixed in the next build. 
An example of which is. 
- When blocking sender, no green popup.  Unable to find block senders list.  Where?
On new installations we are also defaulting the SMTP requires authentication to on now. 

We will review each of the items that you posted here and consider them accordingly. 

Thank you very much for your input here. 

Kind Regards,
Zach Sylvester
Technical Support Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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