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Question asked by mark - 2/21/2023 at 1:42 AM
I use the BetaVersion 8440 an now there is a Public Version 8451 on your Homepage. Can I install the new publicVersion or is this only for the old PublicVerison an not for the Beta-tester-Version?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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What's available on the downloads page is the public version, so it has none of the new features and changes you'll have in the BETA. The public release was really just to update ClamAV.

We will have a new BETA release, which includes the ClamAV update, possibly later this week. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Mark, 

I'm sorry for the confusion. Public Build 8451, which is found on the SmarterMail Downloads page, cannot be installed on an installation that's running the BETA. When you upgrade a public build installation to the BETA build, there are many backend conversions taking place, and downgrades are not supported. (We also have a failsafe measure in place to prevent them from occurring.) 

We will have a new BETA build available in the near future. For now, please be sure to keep your production server and BETA server separate. Releases that are supported on your production server will be announced on the SmarterMail Downloads page. Releases that are intended ONLY for your BETA test server will be announced in the Community and referenced as a BETA Build.

I hope this helps! 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


kevind Replied
FWIW, very confusing having a public release with a build # that's greater than the beta build, especially since they're not interchangeable (can't downgrade).

Seems like there could be a better way to label the beta - SmarterMail 18?

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