Viewing Images in Preview
Question asked by William Young - 2/13/2023 at 8:35 AM
Our company produces many photos per day and would like to distribute those images to many people for viewing.  There is no need for each individual to download a copy of those images.  We would prefer to just view them online within webmail.  

Sending the images to many recipients puts a strain on disk space and very often the images are not viewable in-line (for what ever reason).  Plus if we use mailing lists, the mailing list folders grow in size without any management of that space available other than manual cleanup by IT staff.

Instead we would like to post the images to shared files and share them to everyone in an email message but having the images previewed.  Would anyone else like to have something similar for photos and other file types where there is a built-in handler in the web browsfer?

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