Invitation not working in Outlook
Problem reported by TK - 1/6/2023 at 7:22 AM
Sent out an inviation to a group of people. It seems that half of the group is not able to open it in Outlook - the others are. Is there a problem with the calender invites when opened in foreign e.g. ms365 exchange accounts?

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi TK, 

I'm not aware of an issue like this. Some questions to help troubleshoot: 
  • When you say that the user is not able to "open it" in Outlook. Can you please clarify? Do they receive the invitation email, but receive an error when trying to open the tentative calendar appointment? Or do neither the email or appointment appear in Outlook?
  • Where did you create the calendar appointment - in webmail, or a different client? 
  • For the users who can't open it in Outlook... Does this only happen if you send them an invitation with multiple attendees, or does the same issue occur when they are listed as the only attendee? 
Thank you,

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


TK Replied
Hi Andrea,
- Users affected opened in Outlook
- They get an error when opening the invitation stating "There is a problem with this element"
- This happend when an invitation was sent out with multiple attendees
- I created this in outlook
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hi TK, do you use any kind of scheduling addons or extensions in Outlook to generate those invites? The error relating to elements makes me wonder if there might be something in that invite that those Outlook clients can't handle. Additionally, are the known problematic Outlook clients all running the same versions?
Kyle Kerst
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