Outlook not updating
Problem reported by TK - 1/6/2023 at 4:27 AM
I had that problem before the beta but was expecting this to be resolved with the update of the protocols - sometimes outlook does not automatically load items correctly - if you reboot outlook or manually reload the folder it most often works

should the account in outlook be recreated? other suggestions or same experiences?

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi TK, 

I'm noticing this issue as well, even after thoroughly replacing my MAPI account. I'll get this issue escalated. If we need additional information for review, I'll reach out. 

Kind regards,

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Ben Replied
Just came on here to check if it's been resolved, I guess not!

If I put my computer to sleep, then on wake Outlook doesn't load up the latest messages, I have to close it and re-open.

Even if I hit the send and receive button nothing - Outlook still says "All folders are up to date", but of course they are not.
TK Replied
Hi all

I didn't experience the problem anymore from my side
Kyle Kerst Replied
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I just wanted to chime in that I was able to test the sync issues Andrea was having previously on a newer code base and her account is now syncing without requiring intervention. So, I think this would be good to get a new test done on when the next beta build is made available. Be sure to resync your Outlook install once you upgrade though just to be safe: 

If you still have problems with this at that point we're likely looking at something account-specific and we'll likely need to get a ticket started with you so we can collect those details. 
Kyle Kerst
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