Smartermail BETA - Message Archiving Improvement
Idea shared by Rafael Grecco - 1/5/2023 at 5:56 AM

I've been using Message Archive for years (for hundreds of domains), I think it's a great tool. I've been waiting for Smartermail's new build for a long time to have some issues fixed.

I would like to make a suggestion to make it even better.

As we all know, most e-mails that arrives on our e-mail servers are spam.
When a message arrives, it get's archived regardless if it's spam or not.
This causes 2 problems:
- The Archive gets a lot bigger then necessary, because it keeps all spam. On a Cloud environment, size matters because of the cost.
- When a user searchs the Archive on a more general way (for example, every e-mail received on the last month), the results they get are 90% spam.

To fix this problem I use a antispam gateways, so I filter e-mails before it gets to Smartermail, this way I only archive good e-mails.

I see Smartermail's antispam is also been improved, so I think it's the perfect time to add the option to select if e-mails marked as spam should be archived or not.

Admins should have 2 options:
- Archive all e-mails (spam or not)
- Archive all e-mails filtered as not spam

I understand this is not a simple change... if a e-mail arrives and is marked as not spam, it will be archived even if the user mark as spam later (this is not a problem), but what if a e-mail arrives and is marked as spam (so it don't get archived) and then the user marks it as not spam? It should have a way to get archived after that. Maybe the function "mark as not spam" could also run a script to archive the message.

This option (archive spam or not) should also be per domain. There are domains with different spam weights and different preferences (some users may choose to actually archive spam).

Is this change possible?


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