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Announcement by Derek Curtis - 12/6/2022 at 9:39 AM
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Welcome to the BETA of the next SmarterMail! 
If you haven’t done so already, go check out the SmarterTools Blog. We’re going to be posting at least 3 blogs that detail how this next release will benefit users, domain administrators, and system administrators.
As this is BETA software, we encourage you to use a test environment and install BETA builds, test upgrades of copies of your existing installations to the BETA, etc. You SHOULD NOT run the BETA in production as there is no downgrade path. We will be unable to offer support if you install any BETA on a production server. 
Installing the BETA
When a new build is available, we will post an update below. Scroll to the bottom of this thread to find the latest BETA build available. 

(To get updates, please click on the Subscribe button for this thread.)

Licensing the BETA
New installations of SmarterMail will work as the Free Edition, which can be used with 1 domain and up to 10 mailboxes. To obtain a BETA license key, email sales@smartertools.com. The BETA key will activate as:

  • A 90-day trial of SmarterMail Enterprise Unlimited, and
  • 90-day trials for EAS and MAPI & EWS
What to Expect
We encourage you to post your impressions, questions, and even problems in the SmarterMail BETA category of our Community. Developers and support staff will participate and address anything posted, and we’re sure others would like to hear what you have to say, just as we do.
Finally, thanks to all of you who are participating. With your help, we can make this one of the most successful releases we’ve ever done. It’s already one of the biggest versions, let’s work together and make it one of the best!
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Andrea Free Replied
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BETA Build 8376 was released on 12/7/22.

This is the initial release of the SmarterMail BETA. Please check out the SmarterTools Blog for a few posts on overall additions and changes that are available in this build and will be coming in the final, upcoming release. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Andrea Free Replied
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BETA Build 8391 was released on 12/22/22.

Release Notes: 
  • Authenticated users now show as Trusted Sender, if they fail other checks
  • Aattaching a broken user could cause the users grid not to load
  • Outlook (MAPI) not receiving calendar invite email from Gmail
  • Disposing CancelTokens in spam check areas
  • Email folders double escaping
  • Sender Verification isn't showing up in some scenarios
  • Availability bar is briefly displayed for users with no availability information
  • Switching between two calendar invites causes the interface to briefly show the last email loaded
  • Loading archive search result email shows a "categories" null reference error in javascript
  • Implement checks for Webmail and EAS for avoid sending meeting invite updates and cancellation messages in the past
  • Emails that are authenticated with bypass will show up as authenticated in Sender Verification
  • Some email messages aren't syncing to eM Client IMAP
  • When a single instance of a series is deleted from the calendar in EAS, the deletion does not sync to webmail.
  • A task with a related email may show inconsistent date for attached message.
  • In Week, Day, and Schedule calendar views, removed the timestamp from the appointment subject (because the time is already displayed in the timeline grid to the left.)
  • Clicking Search in View Logs doesn't always refresh the submit the new search criteria
  • Don't advertise XMPP in autodiscover if the domain has it enabled but the user has it disabled
  • Fix WebDAV support for domain-shared Calendars
  • Removed shared calendars and emails from advanced search.
  • Event handle cleanup. 
  • Make Message Archive Searches persist service restart.
  • When a Message Archive directory is auto-cleaned, messages that have been deleted still get returned in search results
  • Stackoverflow issue at start up.
  • Meeting Invites received from iCloud organizers do not display properly in webmail
  • Some logs don’t displayed Related Items as they should.
  • Fixed mobile responsiveness on domain edit area. 
  • Online meetings flashing No Items To Show briefly
  • Domain names are displayed on two lines instead of one in View Recipients within the Spool
  • In Message Archive, when viewing an email, add two buttons for Download EML and Copy to Mailbox to the left of the Actions
  • Button bars should use consistent styles based on flex
  • Undisclosed recipients causing display issues
  • If From and To are blank, it should show something besides and empty line. Like "No From/Undisclosed Recipients"
  • Report WebDAV in autodiscover responses
  • Add WebDAV support for domain-shared Conference Rooms
  • Add WebDAV support for domain-shared Equipment
  • Add WebDAV support for domain-shared Contacts
  • Clean missing message archive searches
  • Deleting or moving emails while in a basic folder search does not behave consistently/expectedly
  • Issue with tasks displaying when viewing Card vs Grid View.
  • ‘To’ is now hidden on spool if blank
  • Some buttons flash briefly before disappearing
  • When you edit a folder auto-clean rule, the Save button is active before any changes have been made
  • Consistency in list and detail action and context menus 
  • Avatar images to be cached per-user/per-server rather than per message
  • Deleting Online Meetings causes strange refresh behavior 
  • Clear Field buttons in Firefox non-functional in new interface
  • Fix for exception sometimes when loading email popup 
  • Mail page in view mode should be a much smaller, simpler page    
  • Domain resource fix when adding as an attendee through WebDAV 
  • Add Microsoft OAuth support for external accounts  
  • Enable MS OAuth for EWS mail retrieval and migration
  • Enable MS OAuth for POP mail retrieval and migration 
  • Enable MS OAuth for IMAP mail retrieval and migration
  • Enable MS OAuth for external SMTP accounts
  • Modify the Outlook.com migration and mail retrieval to use IMAP
  • Changes to saved Message Archive Searches 
  • Re-evaluate how we handle Message Archiving rules and storage 
  • When you click on a saved archive search that has no results/matches, we need to show 'No items to show' on the page and disable the Actions available 
  • On a fresh installations and upgraded servers where an All Domains rule was not enabled, system level Message Archiving appears as though it is enabled, even though it's not
  • Modify the default selections for Message Archiving 
  • When archiving is enabled on a domain, default the suggested path to the same path used in All Domains rule or to C:\SmarterMail\Archive\%domain% (if no system rule is enabled) 
  • Minor text changes in Message Archive areas.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Andrea Free Replied
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BETA Build 8392 was released on 12/23/22. 

Release Notes: 
  • Fixed a JSON issue that could result in loss of activation or domain.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Derek Curtis Replied
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BETA Build 8405 was released on 1/5/2023.

Release Notes:
  • Limited the number of concurrent archive searches
  • Optimized the 'Download Zip' and 'Move to Mailbox' functions of Message Archive
  • Optimized manual mailbox cleanups
  • Added WebDAV support for domain- and user-shared Notes
  • Added WebDAV support for personal Notes
  • Cleaned up text in Message Archive areas
  • Modify the default selections for Message Archiving
  • System level Message Archiving no longer appears as though it is enabled on new installs and upgrades where there is/was no All Domains rule
  • Added a confirmation modal to the Reindex Archive button
  • It’s now possible to disable Message Archiving card at the system and domain level
  • Removed auto-deletion of saved archive searches
  • Copy-To-Mailbox and Download-ZIP now handle missing messages
  • If DMARC/authorization fails, user avatars no longer show
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate emails appear in Outlook for Mac [IMAP]
  • Fixed an issue where blacklisting an IP Address from the IDS Blocks page can cause duplicate / related entries to appear in the Blacklist area
  • Fixed an issue where creating and launching scheduled Online Meetings quickly results in it failing to display name/settings
  • Solved a few duplicate load issues
  • Review of all :focus styles
  • Message Archiving changes
  • Updated VCard implementation to support v4.0
  • Fixed an issue where the "Add trusted Sender" event occasionally doesn’t trigger an action
  • Changes to domain events now work as expected
  • Shared folders now sync properly to Outlook [MAPI]
  • Exceptions no longer thrown when avatar files are not found.
  • Any tentative appointment on attendees’ webmail calendars are now automatically removed if the organizer cancels the appointment
  • General styling fixes for consistency proper display
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
BETA Build 8412 was released on 1/12/2023.

Release Notes:
  • The way "All Day" appointments was updated on invites/responses
  • Unsubscribe button now works for SmarterMail-based Mailing Lists
  • Added a permission check to the Copy-to-Mailbox function to ensure domain administrators can only do deliveries within the domain
  • Modified the default selections for Message Archiving
  • It's now possible to change the path for message archives
  • When you click on a saved search that has no results/matches, we now show 'No items to show' on the page and any actions are disabled
  • Message Archive Search creation modal no longer closes when using the date picker
  • Revised Message Archiving configuration settings to allow disabling/enabling of existing archives (both System Level and Domain Level)
  • Reindex Archive button now has a confirmation modal
  • Message archiving no longer shows for domain admins when the archive is set to disabled
  • Show all Search results with that have been auto cleaned but disable any actions on those orphaned references.
  • Resolved an issue where archives that are stored via a UNC/SMB path show no results
  • Added 15 Years and 20 Years to the Archive Auto-clean dropdown
  • Resolved discrepancies with delete buttons and their confirmation modals
  • Added new settings for Windows Defender and clamAV
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to delete an online meeting that was attached to a deleted appointment
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to delete an online meeting without sufficient permissions caused the uploaded files to be deleted
  • Separated public folders and resource calendars in the web interface
  • Fixed an issue where broken appointments in user's calendar caused Indexing to fail and loop repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue where DMARC was validating against the incorrect domain
  • Fixed an issue where the Inbox of a user spun and never loaded when accessed via Impersonation
  • Modified SMTP Auth Bypass settings to accept a domain name
  • Fixed an issue where moving tasks/notes from one domain-level shared Tasks/Notes list to another failed without error in Outlook (MAPI)
  • Fixed an issue where moving contacts from one domain-level Contact list (public folder) to another resulted in an error via Outlook (MAPI)
  • Fixed an issue where moving Task/Note containing images from one domain-level share to another resulted in an error
  • Improved performance / reduced complexity of SpamAssassin threading
  • Improved Task recurrence behavior when task ends after X occurrences
  • Advanced search now translates folder names properly
  • Resolved Outlook (MAPI) requiring an "Update Folder" refresh before displaying newly received email
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
BETA Build 8413 was released on 1/13/2023.

Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from changing calendar views
  • Fixed an issue with viewing collaboration items in grid view. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
BETA Build was released on 1/19/2023.

Release Notes:
  • Mail page in view mode should be a much smaller, simpler page
  • Corrected a typo in API documentation
  • Corrected color styling issues when selecting options in the user menu
  • Various styling and alignment corrections for categories, Actions menus, buttons, etc.
  • Fixed a backend issue where the HTML for email was double loaded/rendered
  • Card hover color now more in line with button colors
  • Note colors on cards now match the colors on the left tree
  • Fixed a javascript error on the context menu in Notes
  • Fixed an issue where the email Actions button in preview pane spanned to the next line
  • Fixed an issue where the default max message size was returned instead of what was configured
  • Fixed an issue where the color in meeting descriptions created in eMClient (EWS) was lost in webmail
  • Corrected untranslated text on the Online Meetings login page
  • Fixed an issue where adding an outgoing gateway with a bad configuration took too long to be verified and resulted in an error
  • Added a confirmation for Mailing List -> messages Reset
  • Added Rspamd as part of the "antispam providers" for the "Send user spam feedback to antispam providers" setting
  • Fixed an issue where SmarterMail occasionally wasn't following retry intervals
  • Fixed an issue where the preview pane and email pop-out were occasionally missing the same avatar, even though it appeared in the message list
  • Fixed an issue where attempting a SmarterMail migration with invalid credentials, SmarterMail showed the migration had started, but it hadn't
  • Added support for custom Apple extended property "TravelTime" (EWS)
  • Fixed tab order for compose window when used via FireFox
  • Emails with no plain or HTML content now display "no content" in the reading pane
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a meeting request then another email isn't showing the message body
  • Linking to a OneDrive file in a new compose window now displays properly
  • Resolved the flag indicator flickering on soft reload in mail
  • Buttons and menus now fit within narrow mode constraints
  • Fixed a generic issue when opening webmail popups
  • Removed Schedule and Timeline views in webmail for calendars viewed on mobile (Web)
  • In manage categories, delete X no longer appears on a blank row
  • Updated criteria for Advanced Search
  • Fixed a tab overflow issue on the mailing list subscriber modal
  • RSpamD references cleaned up throughout
  • Forwarding iCloud meeting invites via webmail no longer breaks embedded images
  • Fixed an issue where creating recurring appointment with start date in the past resulted in an error when deleting
  • Changed "Sorting" and "Filtering" tool tips to "Sort" and "Filter"
  • Added a video icon next to the recurring icon on calendar appointments that have an Online Meeting
  • Fixed an issue where the date does not update correctly in the Online Meetings preview pane when using drag-and-drop to change the associated appointment's date
  • Improved Regex performance
  • Enhanced differences between between folder colors, category colors, and note colors
  • Fixed an issue where text in the description of a read-only appointment can't be selected
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
BETA Build 8426 is now available!
(This BETA was the culmination of the items above, and contains the changes below.)


Release Notes:
  • Signatures containing inline images now sync correctly (EWS)
  • Text in calendar descriptions created in eM Client with custom fonts now display properly in webmail
  • Updated Froala to 4.0.17
  • Deleting an SMTP account from the user's connectivity settings now works properly
  • Blacklist and whitelist grids now display "No items to show" when empty
  • Updated logic for Autoresponders and Content Filter Bouncing "Require message pass SPF"
  • The full thread history of an email (nested emails) now displays properly in HTML view
  • First day of week setting no longer changes on upgrade
  • Delegated tasks now show assigned user in webmail
  • Signed messages now sync successfully to Outlook (MAPI) for an upgraded accountAvatars display for emails was streamlined
  • Improved handling when downloading and searching large log files
  • Free no longer allows Message Archiving at the system level
  • Modify the default selections for Message Archiving.
  • Allow inline Images from now validates properly
  • Fixed a display issue for the mailing list subscriber modal
  • The All Feeds folder for News feeds no longer offers Edit or Delete options as they are unavailable
  • Resolved "Unable to validate recipients" issue when sending an email to a new contact group  (Webmail)
  • Fixed and issue where the Regenerate Key button was missing a confirmation modal when viewing a domain’s DKIM record
  • System Administrator Two-Step Authentication feature can no longer be disabled
  • Domain Disk Usage now sorts by disk space used, not a percentage
  • Greylist filters can now be added / deleted even when greylisting is disabled
  • Reply and Reply All now focus the cursor appropriately (Webmail)
  • Using the up/down / previous/next arrows in the reading pane now mark unread messages as read
  • Updated the Sort icon across grid views
  • Added Category bubbles to Card View and Grid View
  • Category tags updated across various areas
  • Unsubscribe link in emails is now encoded properly
  • The popup menu for contacts now appears in the proper location
  • The View mode toggles now switch modes in the same pane
  • RAW and HDR modes now have a copy to clipboard option
  • User Statuses optimized for large user counts
  • When viewing the Users grid, context menu no longer has options for Enable/Disable MAPI/EWS and EAS
  • RSS feeds now validate consistency with how the feeds are pulled
  • RSS feed descriptions now styled properly in dark mode
  • Note colors now appear properly when changed on a note
  • Draft editing and saving no longer duplicate signature attachments
  • "Always show images" now refreshes contents properly
  • Categories grid column now center the icons
  • Various things cleaned and updated for Notes
  • Fixed an issue where some contacts couldn't be sent as vCards via the proper API call
  • In the Password Compliance grid, swapped the locations of Authentication and Domain
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the small cards on Domain Reports > Overview
  • "This message has no content" updated -- formerly "No content"
  • Added "No items to show" text for News feeds
  • Resolved an issue where creating a new folder in Tasks created the folder but also displayed a red toast 
  • Personal folders are now sorted alphabetically in Contacts, Tasks, and Notes
  • Drag and drop now works properly in the compose window
  • Upgrades no longer add public folders to a domain
  • Upgraded users who had existing categories no longer receive extra ones post upgrade
  • Domains grid now shows proper EAS mailbox count
  • Recurrence data now displays properly for user appointments post-upgrade
  • Attempting to filter email by "Linked to Tasks" now works properly
  • Calendar Auto Clean no longer displays on the domain-level User Defaults page
  • Optimized and sped up IP lookups for POP, IMAP, and SMTP sessions
  • Updated MAPI categories
  • Attachments uploaded to a new message appear properly in compose window
  • Calendar grid view click events now work properly on load
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278