Inbound Mail arrives after a long delay
Question asked by tunafish24 - 11/4/2022 at 3:05 AM

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tunafish24 Replied
Mods, I edited the post and saved it, now its showing up blank. Is it deleted, can you reocver it?

Try disabling GreyListing to see if that's the cause of your problem...
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tunafish24 Replied
Disabled greylisting, now email from hotmail was delivered within 15 seconds. Email from Gmail still isn't being delivered at all, tried multiple times and wait for several minutes.
Heimir Eidskrem Replied
What does your log files say?

tunafish24 Replied
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FIgured it out. Turns out, my TLS certificate was not setup correctly. There should be some warning/error in Diagnostic Check that checks for incorrect/expired certificates.
Tony Scholz Replied
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I am glad that you got this resolved, 

There are several other things that can cause this as well. The best way to track the issue down will be the SMTP logs ( for incoming connections ) and/or the header of the message to see the rout it took to get to your server. 

Some times the delay is in the route to your server, and not your server ( this is where the email header comes in ) 

If the message hits your server and then takes some time to make it through the log this is where you will wan to look at the logs. First the SMTP log then the Delivery log. Items to look out for are;
  1. GreyListing 
  2. Spam Checks ( look at your Spam Checks and check the "Average Time" )
  3. GeoIP lookups
Once you get past the SMTP logs if the Transaction time is not long you will want to check the Delivery logs. to see if there is a delay there. 

Hope this helps 

Thank you 

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