Is anyone else experiencing this issue with smtp sessions being denied with no ids blocks ?
Question asked by Keith Dovale - 10/13/2022 at 10:11 AM
We have started to see weird issues where certain clients just all of a sudden stop being able to sent smtp mail, there is no ids rule indicating they are blocked, but they juat cant send despite, other domains and users not seeing any issues, a restart of sm resolves the issue. I must also put out we have seen where the clients gets blocked for pop login failures and there is an ids rule indicating this, but they also get blocked on smtp for the same password issue, the server indicates the standard their ip is blocked due to to many failed logins, but then there is NO smtp ids block showing their ip is blocked, reboot the sm server and the issue is gone for a few hours.. 

This was all fine and no issues like this were seen, but lately we have seen about 8 or 9 users from different domains seeing this, the reason it is highlighted, is we took over 190 new clients and all their passwords had to be changed and many of them wer blocked due to the dns swing to us and the passwords were wrong. But obvoiusly we assumed this issue was due to their passwords. Buyt after chaning their passwords, we have had about 5 clients now where this issue has arisen where they are blocked only on smtp, but no ids rules show they are blocked, ut if you setup their account on another ip address it works, so it definately looks like there is an ids block placed, but the system doesnt show it. We have looked to see if the calls being made to the page is correct and alll looks good. 

Calls to signalr look all alright, there is no errors etc...

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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This is just a hunch, but could you try doing a repair operation on the .NET platform? All of our networking is handled in that level and I'm thinking something might be getting hung up in there. Repairing .NET may likely take down anything using it while the repair is happening though so you'll probably want to schedule for after hours. Let me know what it finds :)
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