Automatically retrieved every x minutes? Please
Idea shared by Anne Campbell - 10/10/2022 at 3:06 AM
Currently we use automatic retrieval , which means:
  • Retrieval Method - The method by which SmarterMail checks for new messages on the server, either Manual or Automatic. If you choose to manually retrieve messages, you will have to navigate to the Connectivity page, click on the retrieval task, then click Retrieve Messages Now in order to check for new messages. If you choose to automatically retrieve messages, you will not need to return to the Connectivity page, as messages would be automatically retrieved every 10 minutes.
Now for 10 min is fine for some accounts but on others this is very frustration,, specific Example our banking email we have a pin emailed to us to allow access online banking portal and by the time it arrives in smartermail it has expired! 

Is it possible to deduce the time on even better have the time user definable? 

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SmarterMail's POP and IMAP retrieval interval can be adjusted under the "Protocols" section, but this is only accessible to system admin accounts.
Thanks, but the protocol was set to 2min and definitely takes much longer for Smartermail to retrieve! 


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