A.D. Password expiration warning and mandatory password change
Idea shared by Douglas Foster - 10/6/2022 at 10:59 AM
Many experts and regulators want I.T. systems to require regular passwords changes.   Active Directory provides support for expiration warning and mandatory reset.   But this policy becomes problematic f the user connects through an interface that does not provide expiration warnings and facilitates password changes.   We currently have some offsite users for whom SmarterMail is their primary connection the corporate network.   So we need SmarterMail to provide more complete integration with Active Directory, by warning users when their password is about to expire, and providing password change capability, whether initiated by the user in response to a warning or initiated by the system in response to an expiration.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hey Doug, long time no talk! We have a sprint planned for the future that revolves around our LDAP integration, so I'm going to go ahead and send these in as a feature request for you.
Kyle Kerst
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Hi! On this same topic:

I have a Smartermail installation where some users log in using LDAP and some users log in using Smartermail's user/pass.

The AD has a policy where users have to change their passwords every 3 months. If I set the same policy on Smartermail, would that interfere with AD's policy? Or would both policies be independent of each other?

I ask this beause I know the password requirements policy does intefere with each other. If Smartermail's password policy is stricter than AD, a user could set a password on AD and be unable to log in on Smartermail.


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