how to block ranges of IPs for ISPs and countries
Question asked by Eric Bourland - December 3, 2014 at 4:45 AM
SmarterMail 13
Good morning.
Scarab posted a very useful comment about blocking IP addresses of particular countries and also particular IP ranges that belong to particular ISPs that tend to host large numbers of spammers.
That was a very helpful post but I am not sure how to follow up on it and thought I would start a new thread and get some ideas.
I would like to implement a few of these weights and see what effect that has on permanently blocking some spammers. But I am not sure how to:
1) derive IP address blocks for ISPs whom I would like to block
2) derive IP address blocks for countries whom I would like to block
For starters, I would like to block incoming mail from:
    Chile (CL)
    Bulgaria (BG)
    Romania (RO)
    Russia (RU)
    India (IN)
    Ukraine (UA)
    Malaysia (MY)
    Turkey (TR)
    Czech Republic
I would also like to block incoming mail from some of these guys:
    Psychz Networks
    Krypt Technologies
    B2 Net Solutions Inc.
    Eonix Corporation
    Email Ocean
    Host Sailor Ltd
    Toqen LLC
    Interactive 3D B.V.
    Limestone Networks, Inc.
I see the interface in SmarterMail 13 where I can block ranges of IP addresses: Security ---> Blacklist.
How can I derive correct values for IP ranges to block, for countries and for ISPs?
Thank you for your ideas.

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days ago I needed to know some IP ranges for specific countries and used to get list and double checked with other sites like
not sure if it's accurate or updated was just trying to find something
There are also
Block Visitors by Country Using Firewall :
This program has proved helpful:
Lately I am getting hit by a bunch of addresses from * For example:
... and on and on, from a varying range of IP addresses. I wish there were a way to permanently block all mail from a given domain such as
You can use RBL to accomplish this very easily.  Then check out the GEM-GEOBL list.  You do have to register with them, but you can create a single RBL test to block any country or countries you want.
Joe, thanks for that. I will try it out.
I am following this structure: <reversed ip>.b[block_list].[server id]
Interesting. Looks like my config will be:
I will let you know what I find out. Thanks very much for this idea.
I also get 0 connections when I look at my SEM user page:
The hostname I use is:
Joe, I really appreciate the careful instructions you posted. I've also done a lot of reading in the Spam Eating Monkey site. Does this configuration look right to you, and do you ever get a value for connections other than zero when you view your statistics at SEM? SEM user page:

Thanks for your help. =)

Blocking of countries seems to be working well. Thank you again to Joe and Tony and the other folks who have responded to this thread.
I am still getting hammered hard by spam from *
And these guys are spammers from within the US. Any ideas about how I can block these guys?
Thank you again for your help.

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