Interface incorrectly reporting IPs on Spamhaus PBL blacklist
Problem reported by Matthew Bartholomew - 8/13/2022 at 6:49 AM
Since upgrading to the latest version getting this annoying issue. 

It's showing two IPs are blacklisted by Spamhaus PBL but they're not when checked directly on spamhaus. I can't see anyway to change the interface to remove the PBL check from the Server Blacklist menu or how to check how it's configured to fix it. 

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Eric Tykwinski Replied

Check your return codes:

A reminder

As of March 2021, we will begin the implementation of the following return codes:
Return codeMeaning error in DNSBL Name via public/open resolver/generic unattributable rDNS Number of Queries

So using, or, et al will now always return with
If you are over 100k queries in a day it will return
Matthew Bartholomew Replied
Is it possible to change the settings for blocks by RBL in the server blacklist settings. This mail server is in a datacentre and we're using that ISPs DNS as the primaries. 
Matthew Bartholomew Replied
Additionally it's listing an IP in the server IP blacklist that is a VPN IP and isn't external, needs to be removed. 

We just upgraded from version 16 and didn't have this issue before. 

Can't see any way of changing the configuration of this section?

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