bh= hash for DKIM1
Idea shared by Lakshan Salgado - 8/10/2022 at 7:34 AM
I was working on a DKIM issue and MXTOOLBOX failed my DKIM generated via SM. The test failed with "DKIM Signature Failed" Result: Signature Did Not Verify" Digging into it the DKIM validation  was looking for a hash pre-pended by bh= xxxxxxxxx instead of /or in addition to the h=xxxxx (note sure if both are needed to pass). Wondering if a. SM can autogenerate the hash in the DKIM string in the admin portal for each domain to cut and paste into DNS. Any one run in to this before?

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Bh is for body hash.  Every DKIM signature should have both "h" and "bh".   Your concern is different from others reported in recent past, as all of them were caused by completely missing signatures.  If you are on an old version, suggest you update.  If you are near current, suggest you open a ticket.

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