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Idea shared by Chris - 6/7/2022 at 3:09 PM
We have a customer sending the same emails to recipients and are curious if they can further streamline this process with saved templates.

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Why not make a "signature" with the information? That could be an easy way of doing things.
You can’t edit the signature during composing a new message. 

Example, if you want your template to say:

Hi (name),

You can’t edit the name in the signature. 
There is a lock you can click that removes the inability to edit.

I know our accountant has a standard sign-up form (template) that is a signature that she uses to do this.

Definitely not "perfect" but she goes through and replaces the generic "Customer," with "John," 

We only use a single word as it's easier to replace "Customer," than "(name),". If you're doing bulk you can use the newsletter functionality but for one-off's this has, and does, work for us.
Thanks John, will do that as a workaround

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