Can't find 'Add to Outlook'
Problem reported by TonyCzar - 5/5/2022 at 12:44 PM
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And I thought I'd answered a question without having to post on this Board.

I'd like my Zoom invitations to show up on my Outlook calendar.  Found what appears to be just the right section in the manual.  However, unable to complete one of the steps as there was no 'Add to Outlook' in the dropdown.  Would value advice.  If it's something trivial that I've missed, apologies in advance.  🙄

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Hi Tony,

You should see the Add to Outlook option when viewing your calendar, click on the Actions button (the ...). If you are on the Email section of your account you won't see this option in the menu.

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hello Tony - sorry to hear you're having trouble with this! I took a look at the placement for this option and you should be able to find it here:
Do you not see this menu option here? I don't see anywhere that this can be disabled for the domain or user, so I am thinking this might be something specific to your environment. Do you have the Global Address List enabled for this domain? Alternatively; is it possible one of your admins edited the CSS to hide this option in your interface? 
Kyle Kerst
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TonyCzar Replied
Thank you both.   Tony

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