Spool Messages Get "Data Transfer Failed" error
Problem reported by Brian Davidson - 3/18/2022 at 8:30 AM
Hi -
Already submitted a ticket, not realizing that Smarter Tools support is out on Friday. Hoping someone might have suggestions about an issue with messages in the spool.  We are on the latest release of SmarterMail, Build 8097

Some, but not all, of our incoming mail is stuck in the spool.  The SMTP log shows these messages getting as far as writing to the HDR file, then a "data transfer failed".  I can't figure out why the message can't go from the spool to the user's data folder. Permissions? 

Sample transaction:

[2022.03.18] 11:12:47.426 [][50200490] Successfully wrote to the HDR file. (M:\SmarterMail\Spool\SubSpool4\37645016278.hdr)
[2022.03.18] 11:12:47.426 [][50200490] data transfer failed. 

If anyone has any idea where to look for the problem I'd appreciate it. Some searching in old threads suggests a MTA issue, but I'm not sure that is the issue.

Thank you!

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viv burrows Replied
We have had the same issue, altered MTU and issue currently disappeared.
Brian Davidson Replied
To follow up it appears that our new server was throttling TCP connections. After much research, we provisioned a new server and started from scratch. Problem solved. Never did determine the real source of the issue!

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