Smartermail use with QQCatalyst insurance agency management system.
Question asked by Bill Morgan - 3/8/2022 at 3:27 PM
I have a customer that is trying to set up qqcatalyst insurance agency management software using there smartermail email address but but having no luck. We keep getting a failed authentication.
Does anyone have any experience setting up this application that knows the trick to get this to work?

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Tony Scholz Replied
Employee Post
Hello Bill, 

When authenticating to SmarterMail you need three pieces of data in general
  1. username ( full email address, USER@DOMAIN.TLD )
  2. password
  3. mail servers URL ( MAIL.DOMAIN.COM )
In some cases you will also need to have an SSL ( HTTPS ) and DNS records. 

I hope this helps. 

Thank you
Tony Scholz
Technical Support Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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