Getting False Positive with ClamAV
Problem reported by Paul White - 2/23/2022 at 8:17 AM
Over the past couple days one of the users on my box, started having trouble sending some emails out.  These emails have about 17 attachments and are part of an employment application.  I was able to push it through the virus quarantine, but every time he sends them they get stuck in there.  No other user is having these issues.  

I checked the clamAV logs and it shows
Email.Phishing.VOF2-6313986-1 FOUND

Though when I download the message EML and individually scan each of the attachments using VirusTotal's online scanner, it comes back clean.  I just ran an update of the clamAV definitions. Hoping that might resolve it.  Anyone else having similar issues?

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Paul White Replied
A quick update.  instead of scanning the individual attachments, I just scanned the entire email using virustotal's online scanner.  This time ClamAV came back positive in the same way it does via smartermail


Any clues how to resolve this or determine what is causing it?

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