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Question asked by Doug Lim - 2/19/2022 at 9:37 AM
I know that autoresponse emails can be set up per each mailbox through the webmail interface. Does SmarterMail support coordinating the autoresponse with the Out of Office functionality in Outlook? Would it require licensing the EAS add-on?

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Michael Replied
I think this is a feature that might come in a future release to include EWS improvements that had been in development for some time. When its added, I believe you would need MAPI, EWS... Not EAS. Smarter tools will need to confirm.
+ 1 to have this integration working as MS Outlook with MS Exchange are used to do
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Doug Lim Replied
Actually, I reached out to SmarterTools support to see when support for this might be added. I was told that this is already supported in MAPI/EWS.

When you sync to Outlook (2016 and newer) using MAPI/EWS the out of office autoresponder should sync between SmarterMail and Outlook. When you put a message in the "Inside My Organization" tab in Outlook, that should sync to the "Response to Send to Domain Users" section in webmail. And the same thing should happen between the Outlook tab "Outside My Organization" and Response to Send to Everyone Else section in webmail.
Michael Replied
Interesting. I hadn't heard that this officially released. We'll give it a shot.

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