After Upgradiing to SM 8055 Received Warning Notice
Question asked by Albert Frausto - 2/3/2022 at 11:57 AM

We recently upgraded to SM 8055 and when noticed, when logged in as Administrator, a warning notice in the lower right-hand corner of the browser stating:
Enabled debug logs may negatively impact performance.
We don't recall ever turning this on, but can someone point us to where we can disable the debug logs?


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Hi Albert,

The debug logs are found in Manage > Troubleshooting > Options tab. In the Log Files card you should see Debug Log IDs (one per line). 

If there are any IDs in that field you can delete them if they are not being used by our support or development team for troubleshooting. If you leave even one in that field you'll get the warning every time you login. The debug logs are typically only used when SmarterTools support needs them for troubleshooting on your server. Here's more information about it from our online help:

Debug Log IDs (one per line) - This section should only be used when instructed by SmarterTools Support. In order to better troubleshoot an issue within SmarterMail, SmarterTools Support may require additional logging. In this section, Debug Log IDs can be entered. Entering a log ID in this box will enable the creation of a separate log file which will contain information Support needs for troubleshooting. To disable a specific log, simply remove it from the list.a
Albert Frausto Replied
Hello Emily,
There was one ID listed in the textbox. Thank you for pointing me in the right location 
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You're very welcome, Albert!

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