Multi Gigabyte deletion by one user kills performance
Question asked by Nathan - 1/26/2022 at 11:54 AM
Has anyone else noticed that if a user deletes a number of GB of mail spanning several thousands emails that it can kill SmarterMail performance? In this scenario it was 6GB covering perhaps 10,000 messages and actioned via webmail. Both RAM and CPU go through the roof for an hour or more.

I saw this a number of versions back (perhaps v15) but have not encountered it again until today. The server normally idles, <10% CPU and circa 25% RAM usage. I am not sure if it is the IO of the move or if the move triggers re-indexing and then 'barfs' .

We are running the last but one build and as noted we saw it in earlier versions. This feels like a combination of an issue triggered by the move (reindexing?) which is compounded by the fact that the user activity is not constrained. On that note I presume there is no concept of throttling within SmarterMail to limit the fallout any one user can cause? - Perhaps a feature request as Microsoft deploy it widely within Exchange online to prevent one user impacting others (EWS throttling comes to mind but I believe it is employed to more than one protocol)

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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This is not a behavior we've seen, or had reported, so I wanted to offer a theory. Something I could see causing a performance decrease when deleting lots of data is disk speed. Can I have you run the disk queue counters as detailed here at the link below and let me know what you see for average queue?

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