Can't figure out how to whitelist a sender from SMTP Blocking
Problem reported by JohnC - 11/28/2021 at 8:37 AM
For one particular inbox, I have all emails sent to it, also get forwarded to an outside (gmail) address.

I want to prevent SPAM from be forwarded through this inbox. So, I am using "SMTP Blocking" (in the AntiSpam Administration section) to do this. It seems like it is working and I set it up so I will get an email notification of "Outgoing spam blocking notification" when it blocks detected spam using this method.

However, I have some automated apps that send out emails when a task is completed. And I configured these apps to use smarteremail's SMTP server, but they are being blocked by this feature (SMTP Blocking) for some reason (I get the blocked notification emails when they are blocked).

I tried different "Outgoing Weight Threshold" values in the SMTP locking tab (of the Antispam admin settings) and it seems these automated app emails are being assigned a spam weight of "22" (setting to 23 allows them to not be blocked")

So I tried adding the "from" address of these automated emails to these setting locations:

- "Trusted Senders" in the "Security" section of smartermail
- "Trusted Senders" in the domains's admin "My Settings"
- "Trusted Senders" in the "domain settings" in the admin account for that domain

None of these allow the email to pass the smtp blocking Weight setting.

So, where can I specify a specific sender address so it will NOT be blocked?

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