Outlook - Index Old Messages Without Downloading?
Question asked by Jay Dubb - 11/21/2021 at 1:13 PM
Outlook users have mail in their boxes that goes back several years.  They have Exchange cached mode set to only download the past 1 month.  When adding an existing account to Outlook with MAPI, they are only seeing the past 1 month of emails in the folder lists.  Apparently Outlook completely ignores anything older than the cache setting.

This is highly problematic for users who are migrating to us.  They are migrating mailboxes that are many years old (via SM's import function) then connecting to the new account using Outlook with MAPI-- only to discover they can't see messages older than the cache setting.  The OST file associated with the old provider is not used with the new account-- so they think all their old messages are missing!!!

Is there a way to set Outlook to view a listing of the entire folder's contents, without having to download all of the message bodies first?  Each box can be as much as 50 GB, so having Outlook list the headers, but not download the message body until the message is clicked for viewing, would save a ton of unnecessary network traffic-- and allow users to view the entirety of their mailbox.

It is problematic to have years of mail on the server, but not visible in Outlook without synching the entire mailbox first.

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