[Feature Request] IP-Blacklist more flexible
Idea shared by Martin Schaible - 11/18/2021 at 11:27 AM
I really love the Blacklist to block certain IP adresses, ranges and even CIDR-Blocks.

My list grows weekly by blocking whole datacenters from eastern europe. It looks like, that theses datacenters are directly involved in, let's say, certain activities.

It would be great, that an entry could be more flexible as comma delimited list by having a mix of addresses, ranges and CIDR-Blocks.

Examples:,, 112,112,112.0/24, 112,112,112.99-112,112,112.144

Yes, your guy who is in charge to program a parser, will have some work :-) But it will be more than worthy.

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There are some good github projects like https://github.com/lduchosal/ipnetwork that work really well for exactly this.
Maybe my feature request wasn't really well written. I'm asking for more flexibilty for adding Ip-addresses, ranges and CIDR-Blocks in SmarterMail.
Oh no, I meant it wouldnt be too much for SmarterTools to add it in as there are great github projects for exactly what you are wanting :)

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