The problem of responding to technology services(CPU, MEMORY ISSUES)
Problem reported by Kiswire it - 10/27/2021 at 4:29 PM
If you look at the past of the community, I understand that there are fatal CPU and memory abnormal spike issues, but they have not been resolved yet.
A more fatal problem can be seen as a technical service problem for customers.
Our company is headquartered in Korea and has manufacturing corporations in four overseas regions (USA, EU, China, Malaysia), and has about 2,000 e-mail users.
Since September 2021, the exchange server has been replaced by Smartmail, and currently working overtime every day due to abnormal CPU and memory issues in the mail server.
We have issued dozens of CPU-related tickets to Smartmail, but the answer is always the same. The server status is normal, no problem found, once they tried to change the index thread from 20 to 4 while presenting the index problem, but the symptoms of the mail server are the same.
I think the technology service team should reflect on itself, not thinking about the customer's position of stopping and restarting the service every other day due to CPU Full, and always answering that there is no problem.
There are so many other problems besides CPU problems, but since it's the most urgent problem server Down, I've sent you system down evidence (video recording, screen capture) several times a day, but in the end, there's no problem, so it's driving me crazy.
If you had the same problem as me, but it has been solved now, I would sincerely appreciate it if you could help me with the solution.

thanks and have a nice day!!

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