Automatic PGP and/or smime handling / PGP Backend Implementation
Idea shared by Alexander Emmerson - 10/4/2021 at 6:08 AM
Hi all,
we are forced by (german) law to send personal data only encrypted. On the other side we have to keep our mailarchive in readable format.
The following procedure would be very helpful:

1. Admin is able to set private and public pgp (or/and smime) keys for all mailaccounts.
2. Users have no direct access to the keys (company accounts only)
3. When users send a mail, their public key will be added automatically by smartermail. If the receiver has a known public key, the mail is encrypted by smartermail automatically.
To enable smartermail to encrypt outgoing mail automatically a global list of external mailadresses with corresponding public pgp (or/and smime keys) would be necessary. The list could be updated automatically if a incoming mail with attached public key is detected, or maually by admin (eventually by smartermailusers also - this should be configurable by admin).
4. When users receive a  mail  smartermail automatically decrypts it before it is saved to users mailbox (and in the mailarchive and before content/spam filters apply).

5. It would be perfect if events could be available which trigger if an outgoing mail is encrypted or not encrypted (e.g. for notifying admin or users how the mail has been processed for each receiver)
6. For better overview it would be nice if the webclient displays for each receiver if the mail will be encrypted before sending or not.

I hope this idea finds some followers, can be fine tuned and implemented in smartermail.

Best regards,

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