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Idea shared by John Marx - 9/28/2021 at 11:54 AM
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We have a brand new client. They have a primary domain and an alias. 

When I click the FROM it shows my infor first which makes sents. It shows my domain alias last and only one of the aliases. How can I get both the primary and alternate to show in the drop down list?

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Hi John,

Your primary domain is shedesignsllc.com, while your domain alias is orchestratedevent.com, correct? Is info@shedesignsllc.com a user alias that the user john@shedesignsllc.com is a member of? What other aliases or "primary and alternate" options are you expecting to see on the dropdown?
Yes OE is the alias domain.
John is a member of that alias.

I am just wanting info@OE to show as well.

Obviously, if I was a member of other aliases then those as well. This means if I have a primary domain and an alternate I should have two email options. If I had a primary and two alternates then I would have three email options for each alias. I know this could be big for those with too many aliases but that is a different topic.
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I did some testing and got the same results, user aliases don't use the domain alias. I'm not sure if this is working as expected or not, so I'm going to get a support ticket opened on your behalf so we can look into this further. 
Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello John, 

This is currently working as designed. I have escalated a "Feature Request" on this issue. Thank you
Tony Scholz
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Ugh. Thanks. Appreciate the feature request.

So would the best thing is we create two primary domains for the client and then figure out how to share them? Is there any type of KB article that could help or should I figure it out and then post everyone else?

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