Content-Type: multipart/alternative & multipart/mixed
Question asked by Juan Lai - 9/9/2021 at 6:52 PM
Hello All,

  Our user used iPhone mail (X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (18G82), configured via EAS) to create a new mail, the html content contained picture and text. and The mail received was TEXT and png file attached.

  If she forward the original mail from the sent folder again, the mail received will displayed correctly.
no matter via outlook or Web UI.

  I checked the header and found one mail wrapped as "Content-Type: multipart/mixed", and the one forwarded was wrapped as "Content-Type: multipart/alternative".

  What we can do to make the format same as users sent? The SmarterMail build is 7901.

   Thanks in advance.

Juan Lai

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