Unable to update last modified date via SmarterMail contacts EditContact API
Problem reported by Syed Tariq Ali - 8/30/2021 at 9:06 AM
We have a CRM system where we try to keep contacts in sync with SmarterMail Contacts using the API. The communication is both ways, as in we update our CRM with SmarterMail Contact details if the modified date is later than our CRM. And we update SmarterMail if the modified date for a contact is later than modified date in SmarterMail.
So in case of an update to SmarterMail we need to be able to set the LastModifiedUTC field to be the same as our CRM so that we know that the contacts are in sync.
However the API does not let us set the LastModifiedUTC date although we pass it to the EditContact method

It will be worthwhile to let the users set a date the contact was modified through the API. If it is not the LastModifiedUTC, it can be a new field.

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