Error, content-type must be text/xml
Problem reported by Jay Dubb - 7/24/2021 at 7:42 AM
When testing the autodiscover feature in Outlook (CNTL-rightClick on tray icon), one of the calls shown in the log is:


...presumably to discover EWS/MAPI.  When I test that same URL in a browser, an " Error, content-type must be text/xml" error is returned: 

But, when I run that same /EWS/Exchange.asmx URL against our Exchange server, we get a good Web Services reply page.

So... does this mean  the SmarterMail server just returns something "different" than what Exchange returns, and Outlook would be OK with it-- or is something misconfigured in Smartermail web services?

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Larry Duran Replied
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Hello Jay, when you use the browser it's making a GET request to the /EWS/Exchange.asmx URL and Exchange just returns the WSDL service in that scenario.  SmarterMail doesn't return anything for the GET request.  When a client uses EWS it makes POST requests.  So you are correct that SmarterMail behaves differently in this scenario.  You can use something like Postman if you want to send off POST requests but you would have to make numerous other changes, like making a text/xml format request, properly formatted XML requests, etc.  The best way to test would be to just use a client like eM Client and see if it connects and returns messages.
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Jay Dubb Replied
Got it.  Thanks for the explanation and confirmation.

Any chance Smartermail could return the WSDL response in a future build, so there is no misunderstanding in cases like this?

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