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Question asked by Steven Haskell - 6/21/2021 at 6:41 AM
hello community, I'm currently running SM v15.7.6970. I am in the process of migrating SM to Azure. The issue that I am having is that during this migration/build in Azure  I decided to do a little clean up on the current production box. As in clean up I mean remove old no longer need domains and email account, "garbage in garbage out" right? 
I noticed that after I removed the domain, within SM, select the domain and on the actions select delete, the domainlist.xml file is not updated to reflect the changes. Yes I have stopped and restarted the mail service so I don't believe that to be an issue. Other than manually editing the file to reflect the changes, does anyone have any idea as to why the changes would not reflect? or a better why to force the changes? I would like to reduce the chances of removing the wrong domain out of the list while cleaning up the list.
As always thank you for any assistance,


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Steven Haskell Replied
Well I feel stupid, problem solved
Kyle Kerst Replied
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@Steven: What ended up being the fix? I've only seen something like this once before and it was a locked XML file due to an antivirus scanning the file, was it something along those lines?
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Steven Haskell Replied
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no my bad, before I did the cleanup of the domains I copied the list over to the new environment. I realized that I was on the wrong server but rest assured after realizing that i quickly copied the correct list over all good now
thank you

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