How do I restrict certain users on my domain from only being able to send/receive to/from a specific domain?
Question asked by Amit Prabhu - 6/4/2021 at 4:07 PM
Hello Everyone

I've got ~100 users in my domain - lets call it mydomain.com

Now I want to restrict 10 of these users so they can ONLY email other users within mydomain.com and receive email from other users in mydomain.com 

Basically, I want them walled off within mydomain.com 

I found this KB article that allows to version 15 (I'm running build 7817 currently) - portal.smartertools com/kb/a3175/restrict-users-from-sending-or-receiving-email.aspx - it seems to do what I need it to do. It says "For example, if a company wants to use SmarterMail for internal communications, the system administrator can set up the service access settings to only allow users to send email to other users on the domain." - However, upon actually trying to implement the restriction I want it appears that it only allows you to block user access to services like SMTP/IMAP/POP etc. What I want to do is prevent users within mydomain.com from being able to email OUT to say, gmail.com and from users from external domains (say gmail.com) to not be able to email these specific users in mydomain.com

Is what I'm trying to accomplish possible with smartermail?


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Douglas Foster Replied
You should be able to configure those accounts for SMTP IN disabled and SMTP OUT disabled.   This should prevent sending and receiving email with Internet-based email systems.   it will also prevent IMAP and POP connections, since these also depend on SMTP IN.

If you have multiple domains on your mail server, this configuration may not be sufficient to prevent intra-server messages from being transmitted between domains.   Check with support or test it yourself.

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