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Idea shared by kevind - 5/16/2021 at 1:43 PM
SmarterMail offers the ability to create a custom rule under Spam Checks. It's useful to enter a keyword, phrase, or URL to score messages for spam or phishing.

Here are a few suggestions to make it easier to use:
  • Enlarge the dialog box so you don't have to scroll to see half of the settings.
  • For rule source (header, body, raw content), not sure how raw content is different from body and if it's really necessary to distinguish.
  • Explain what the Match Multiple setting does. Couldn't find any explanation in Help. Ideally, just re-word it so it's self-explanatory and there's no need to access Help.
  • If you enter several phrases and use the match multiple, it will assign points for each time the phrase is used. But points get doubled because phrase usually appears 2x in message (once in plain text and once in HTML).
Just providing feedback to make SmarterMail a better, easier-to-use software product.

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How about just making the dialog larger so you can see all the options. The "Enable Spool Filtering" checkbox is below the fold and it's easy to miss.

OK, just bumping this again as these are good suggestions with 9 votes, but no reply.
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hi Kevin, 

Thanks for your feedback! I'll get these requests escalated for an internal review by the product management team. 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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