Cannot access my mailbox
Problem reported by Dylan Jones - 4/27/2021 at 12:40 AM
I am writing to you with regards to our issue. We have got two email addresses using SmartMail.
For some reason we cannot access one of them. The system rejects the email address or password saying that they are incorrect. However, we have been using this password for many years and have not changed it. 
Could you help us with our issue.

Thank you.


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Stefano Replied
Hi Dylan,

which version of SM are you running?
Have you see if the password given by the user is the same set in SM?
Dylan Jones Replied
Hi Stefano, 
Thank for the reply.
We use SmartEmail Enterprise 15.3
Sorry, I do not understand your second question (

Stefano Replied
I don't remember if you can see the set password in SM 15.
But I'm quite sure that you could try to reset the password with the one that you want to set.
Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post
Hi Dylan,

Are you the server administrator for SmarterMail? Or, are you receiving your SmarterMail email as part of a hosted service? 

If you are the server administrator you can login as the system admin, manage the domain (to impersonate the domain admin), edit the user (Settings > Domain Settings > Users), and change the password for that user account. You should then be able to login with that new password.

If you are receiving your email as part of a hosted service, you will need to contact your email hosting provider, who can then help reset your account passwords. If you need help finding who your hosting company you can send an email to customerservice@smartertools.com or give us a call at 877-357-6278, and we may be able to help you out with that.
Emily Ward
Customer Relations and Partner Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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