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Question asked by Gary P - 4/7/2021 at 8:27 AM
Is it possible to force all email from all users of a domain to have a signature attached to ALL mail sent. I can see how this can be done when clients use webmail, but I am thinking the situation where clients use a mail client such as outlook, thunderbird , phone etc, where client has no signature set up on their email client, so that as mail is sent the signature is appended to the email at the server level, before being sent?

I may be missing something in the documentation ? But this does not look possible unless using webmail?

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Ron Raley Replied
So you'll want to log in as administrator.

Then go to General > Footer > Enable Footer for All Messages.

Then add the footer content.

Gary P Replied
Thanks Ron, but

That would apply to all domains on the mail server, as I understand it. 

We only wish it to apply to a specific domain with multiple users. 
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hi Gary,

If you edit the domain and click on the General tab for that specific domain you should see a Footer card. You can use that to add a footer for just that one domain. You can also do this as the domain administrator in Domain Settings > General.

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