API list-users get password
Question asked by Ryan Breneman - 3/16/2021 at 4:36 PM

I'm trying to use the Rest API via PowerShell to get a listing of all users in a domain and get their passwords. I've been able to use /api/v1/settings/sysadmin/list-users/domain.com to get a full listing of users but the password field isn't shown in the output like it shows in the documentation: /Documentation/api#/reference/SmarterMail.Web.Controllers.Api.SystemAdminSettingsController/ListUsers. Screenshot below to illustrate the output I'm seeing but no password field.
I was reading another post where it was said you have to run a post call to /api/v1/settings/domain/show-password with the parameters emailAddress and token. That works for getting individual passwords when I provide each email address in the body of the request.

How can I get the password to appear for all users when running the list-users/domain.com call? I have necessary permissions as I can see them in the web admin GUI and the show-password call works for individual passwords.


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