Forcing HTTPS traffic for Smartermail in IIS
Question asked by Ben Conner - 3/5/2021 at 5:03 PM

I'm sure this has to have come up before but I can't find it in the forum.  For users who user browsers, how do I automatically force them to use HTTPS traffic if they don't enter that in their browsers?



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CTL Replied
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For domain level, you can enforce https traffic 

Click domain --> Configuration ->> Force all traffice over HTTPS 

If you have limited user then advise all user always use https while using webmail after that you may close port 80 , so that you will minimize the attack from port 80
Christopher Hiatt Replied
Use a URL rewrite rule in IIS to force HTTP to HTTPS for all sites or just in the Smartermail site.
Ben Conner Replied
Huh.  Tried the 'Force all traffic' option earlier today and it threw an error.  Now it worked fine.  Go figure.

Thanks, Binesh!

Had thought about URL Rewrite until I looked at the web.config file in the smartermail installation.  OMG.  I wouldn't even know where to begin inserting the rule.  Wow.


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