Any way to combine "Sent Items" and "Sent Messages" Folders?
Question asked by TJ - 2/22/2021 at 11:07 AM
Hi everyone,

When you use an iPhone/iOS with SmarterMail, Apple seems to create a "Sent Messages" folder rather than using the "Sent Items" folder SmarterMail uses. 

I know there are variations between the protocols/vendors out there (no idea why they couldn't settle on using a standard folder naming convention), but is there some clever feature in SM that can map all these back to the same folder somehow?

My users struggle with looking in 2 different named folders for sent email...

Thanks, TJ

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Dave Hunter Replied
This is a bit related to our post regarding auto clean using iOS but I'd guess Smartermail can only do something within webmail while other programs are going to need Sent Items and Sent Messages.

TJ Replied
The search on these forums is pretty bad, I couldn't find any reference to what I'm seeing, but @echoDreamz response to your post is dead on. It would be great if these "system" folders were aliased or redirected to a common folder. It would have to be baked into the back end of things/each protocol and not the webmail interface...

I can't image others haven't had issues with these dissimilar named folders.


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