users get logged out from webinterface
Problem reported by Richard Frank - 2/3/2021 at 2:44 PM
I have some users complaining they are automatically logged out from the webinterface. Sometimes when browsing their inbox, or composing a message.
I've noticed this behaviour too as admin

can't see any events in eventviewer linked to this.

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Ron Raley Replied
Same here. But just one user reported so far. I cannot reproduce the issue.

JerseyConnect Team Replied
We've been dealing with this as well for a while. It's only affecting a handful of users and we too have been unable to reproduce it. Support says it's a client side issue and has been working with us to troubleshoot. There's a KB article that deals with time sync being the cause, so give that a try:
This article didn't help us solve it, but maybe it will for you. 

I have seen some other threads recently on this topic as well so we're not alone. I would suggest opening a support ticket so they can take a look. With more data on the issue they might be able to stumble on a solution for us all.

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