Upgraded to Build 7692 and Spool is SLOW!
Problem reported by Benjamin Breedlove - 2/3/2021 at 8:42 AM
I upgraded to Build 7692 last week.  We had no problems before we were instructed to upgrade from Build 7242 except for one IMAP user who had issues with viewing his email on his iPhone.  

Since the upgrade, I have noticed that the amount of time that it takes for emails to be sent out or delivered is much longer (sometimes 3+ minutes).  They are either sitting in the SPOOL with a SPAM CHECK being performed or the email sits in the OUTBOX on their computer.   I have sped up the time a little by disabling SPAM CHECK on OUTGOING emails.    Nothing has changed (equipment & settings) from before the upgrade to afterwards.  

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?   

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Steve Norton Replied
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Both of these behaviors (spam check delays and Outbox delays) can stem from delays incurred by the RBL/URIBL lists as Steve pointed out above. I recommend resolving or disabling any of these lists which are introducing a response time of 1000+ ms.
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Jason Blanchard Replied
I've experienced something similar when I had ClamAV enabled. The spool would pretty much lock up. I'd have to turn off ClamAv in the admin section, then log into the server to stop the service. As soon as it stopped the mail all flowed through like normal.

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