MAPI - Replying to a message makes it disappear
Problem reported by Stefano - 1/27/2021 at 1:56 AM
Hi guys,

sometimes when I reply to a message, it disappears from my inbox folder in Outlook, but it remains present in my webmail.
The only way to make it back is deleting my OST / account / profile, making it resync from zero.
Is there anyone else experiencing this same bug?
I'm running on the latest build - 7692


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Mike Mulhern Replied
Hi Stefano---
We have experienced the same problem.  Are you using MAPI?  I have had this occur with users via MAPI to Outlook 2016/2019.  

I have a ticket in since before Christmas and have gone back and forth with SM a few times.  In my opinion this needs to be fixed ASAP as disappearing messages makes user's questions the integrity of the email data.

Currently I am using a hotfix build (7688) and the suggestion was to resync the accounts losing emails from zero.  Unfortunately the hotfix appears to prevent re-connecting accounts through MAPI so I am waiting on information about that issue.
Stefano Replied
I've resynced my account, but before doing it, I've deleted everything releated to MAPI from my webmail (under SETTINGS -> CONNECTIVITY)
I will see if I'll have this bug again ;)
Jerry Bucci Replied
I have experienced the same issue in Outlook 2019. Here's a simpler solution to make the email reappear in Outlook until the issue is fixed.

Using Webmail move the email to another folder and back again. The email should show again in Outlook.
Mike Mulhern Replied
While it's nice to have a work-around this is a poor substitute to actually solving the problem.  If the service is advertised to work with MAPI it needs to work with MAPI.  

I completely understand that there will be bugs but once Smartermail has all of the error information the bug needs to be addressed and fixed in a reasonable amount of time.  Especially when data is just 'disappears' from the user's perspective.

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