Unable to delete Appointment with EAS
Problem reported by Rudolf Lindinger - 1/14/2021 at 11:10 AM
Hi @all, i have a strange problem and maybe someone could help:

For example: i use outlook for android. if i create an appointment in calendar, the appointment is being created on the server and i can see it in the webapp. if i change the appointment (for example another time) it is being updated on the server and shown right in the calendar on the phone. but if i delete the appointment in outlook on the android phone, then the appointment is not being deleted on the server and i can still see it in the web calendar (i have to delete it on the web app calendar too).

Other direction: i create an appointment in the web app calendar, it is being saved on the server and it is replicated to the phone. same if i move it to another time or day. AND: if i delete it in the web calendar, it is also being deleted on the phone. 

Thanks in advance and greetings!

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