SmarterMail Calendar: Mail reminder for appointments
Question asked by Stefan Mössner - 1/10/2021 at 7:41 AM
Hi all,

I wish you all a happy new year.

I'm using a shared calendar for saving birthday dates. I set up a user called Public who shared its calendar to the other users. In the past SmarterMail sended notifications to all attendees. Now there's a mail notification option but only for the organizer, right? See https://help.smartertools.com/SmarterMail/current/Topics/User/Collaborate/Calendar/CreateNewAppointment.aspx

I don't know why SmarterTools killed this mail notification feature! It was very useful. And appointment notifications by mail are still in use by a lot of systems, i. e. reminder for video conferencing appointments. So there's no need to have killed this feature.

The notification in the browser isn't enough because

  1. it doesn't really work. None of the attendees get a notification and
  2. as private user i'm not always connected to webmail. So I won't get this notification and will forget the birthday.
It would be very helpful to get the mail reminder back! It's more reliable than the browser notification which isn't really working as it should.

With the option to use a domain shared calendar there's no option to activate a mail notification and the notification via browser doesn't work. Maybe this is because of the situation that the acceptance of an appointment can't be send to the organizer's mail address (null@<domain>). This address doesn't exist.

Does anyone have an idea how the solve this issue?

Kind Regards.

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Stefan Mössner Replied
Hi all,

for the moment I now created a VBScript. It reads the folder.json file and searches for the ID of the calendar from which I want to get mail reminders. And then the script opens the folder-<ID>.json file to check for the appointments of the day. The script is only running once a day (at 00:05 AM). So I get a mail reminder per appointment for birthdays. The script is working on user calendars and on domain shared calendars, too.

I don't know if it would be better to work with the API of SmarterMail. I decided to work with the .json files because the script is running on the SmarterMail server itself. So there are no issues with accessing the .json files. And I don't have experience in using HTTP requests with VBScript for working with the API.

The script isn't a complete solution of the issue above. It only helps me to not forget birthdays or other daily appointments. If SmarterTools is changing the format of the .json files it won't work anymore. So it would be better if SmarterMails brings back the feature of the mail notification as it was available in earlier versions of SmarterMail. I tested some other mail systems with calendar and collaboration and they all have this feature. So I do not understand why SmaterTools killed this feature.

Kind regards.

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