CPU spiking at 99% by SmarterMail Service
Problem reported by Devang Shah - 1/3/2021 at 6:57 AM

SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
Version: 16.3.6989

We have around 60+ domains / 500 users.....we have moved from one DC to other DC in same config physical server with 8core processor

ever since we've moved on new installation which has Win 2016 OS, we are seeing SM service spiking to almost 99% almost every alternate day & its difficult to restart server also sometime as we dont get control of server & only option is to hard reboot

1. We have Stopped all Mail Box Indexing service
3. We have moved 12 domains to other SM Server
4. Spam / Declude setting is same as per our old server 

Xeon E3 Proessor
12gb Ram
1tb HDD x 2
Windows 2016 OS

it was never an issue in old server Xeon / 12gb / 1tb / Windows 2012 server 

Do let us know if any suggestion or workaround to control CPU Spike [i was thinking to use CPU controlling application such as ThreadMaster

Thanks in Advance ! 
Devang Shah

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Ron Raley Replied

I would recommend upgrading to the latest version.

According to the release notes, there are 15 issues that have been fixed related to CPU stability. Counting from your version to the latest.

Then, if it happens again, start a support request. These guys can jump in and figure it out for you.


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