Accented names in auto-complete (utf-8 strings) are messed up
Problem reported by Sébastien Riccio - 12/4/2020 at 9:10 AM

In addition to the issues we have with UTF-8 encoded subjects that get corrupted when repyling to messages from webmail, a customer discovered that the self-enerated autocomplete entries are also a failure when they contain accents.

It also breaks the search for these entries if we search a name that contains an accent.

Thanks a lot in advance for the fixes.

Kind regards
Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

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echoDreamz Replied
What build are you? We are currently the latest (7642), just had a user report this. Same comment from him asking why SmarterMail has always had trouble with special characters / encoding issues.
Sébastien Riccio Replied
Hello echoDreamz,

We also are on build 7642.
I don't know if it's a new "feature" of this build or if the problem was older though.

Kind regards.

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

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