SMTP AntiSpam Custom Rules
Question asked by Shaun Sizen - 12/2/2020 at 2:18 AM
Getting a lot of spam from .buzz, .asia, etc so setup a rule as below that checked header and return path
set weight to 30 which will consider it high spam
Emails still getting through?
even tried wild cards but still nothing, there is no allowance for users to override the spam rules
Any ideas?

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Victor Diez Replied
99% of the time custom rules never worked...
 They are really bad documented.
 They need way too much debugging time …
As version goes by the have been broken in most versions.
Just, Do not lose your time with them.
Matthew Leyda Replied
It llooks the . (dot) is missing at the beginning of the .cloud and .asia lines. This will break your rule
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