GetEventHooksByOwner API Call
Question asked by selahaddin harmankaya - 11/20/2020 at 1:26 AM
Hello everyone,

I want to make an api call to get event hooks created by a specified owner.

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what the 'name' field should be to operate properly. 

I have called the event by uuid ( https://mail.smartertools.com/Documentation/api#/reference/SmarterMail.Web.Controllers.SettingsController/GetEventHookByGuid ) to check possible field values for the 'name' field above. The most obvious one is to use, 

"owner" : text;
however the event is not showing up, at the output of `/api/v1/settings/event-hooks-by-owner`.

No matter which value I am entering, I always get an empty response:
{    "eventHooks": [],    "total"0,    "success"true,    "message"""}
helps are really appreciated at this point. 

Thank you,

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Employee Replied
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The "name" variable is an optional value for the name of the Event.

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