Internet Explorer shows a blank page
Problem reported by Stephan Hafner - 11/2/2020 at 3:51 AM
In the latest release Internet Explorer shows a blank page instead of the logon screen. The bug is related to site.js file. Double variable declaration is not allowed in strict mode, theoretically it should not work in any browser, but except IE all others browsers luckily seem to ignore the error. As you can see in the code-snippet below "speaking: !1" is declared twice! Removing the double-declaration seems to fix at least this error, haven't tested all the functionality yet.

l.rtcUsers = [{
id: l.localPeerId,
attendeeId: "local",
imgLink: "",
avatarName: "(You)",
name: "(You)",
micOn: !1,
videoOn: !1,
speaking: !1,
rtcConn: null,
active: !0,
activeOnUI: !0,
focused: !1,
streamAudio: null,
streamVideo: null,
sharingScreen: !1,
pinned: !1,
speaking: !1

New release, new major bug for some of our customers, seems to be the normal process in the last few months. Do you guys even have a QA process or do you test in production?

I know Internet Explorer is a bit outdated, but still in official Microsoft support and still with a reasonable market-share on desktop clients. We have a few hundred domains and cannot control what browsers our customers use. If you don't want to support IE you could at least show an error page requesting the user to use another browser. 

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John Marx Replied
I know I don't know this but when I see lists like this I always put alphabetically to avoid situations like this. To me it makes it easier code-wise but know some systems don't allow that.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Good morning, and thanks for reporting this. Our development team has been made aware of the issue and is investigating now. If you can go ahead and submit a ticket on this we can try to get you a fix build when we get it resolved. Thanks!
Kyle Kerst
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Employee Replied
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Thank you, @Stephan, you were spot on that IE11 was breaking for that variable declaration. The strict mode in IE11 is VERY strict while modern browsers are all more lenient. This issue has been resolved, and the main interface does now load in IE11.  However, because of the newer Javascript/ECMAScript 5 code we are utilizing for Team Workspaces, if a user tries to navigate there in IE 11 they will get the Browser Not Support page:

echoDreamz Replied
Robert, as far as I am concerned, you guys should just display that "Browser is not supported" notice period for IE. It's an abomination and shouldn't be allowed on the web. The more companies that force users away and off of it, the better it is for the planet.

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